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Collette Claire Miles♥♥♥

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[Mar. 31st, 2010|03:10 pm]
Collette Claire Miles♥♥♥
Sorry for not updating in such a long time! I was having the time of my life in LA/Vegas/Arizona/HK and i hardly had access to the internet. I've snapped over a thousand photos and i dreaddd the whole process of importing them into my iphoto, organizing them nicely in albums then to my facebook and lastly, picking a few of them to post here. And it sucks that my stupid card reader isn't working. So here are a few pictures from my first few days in Los Angeles, which consists of photos from Sheraton hotel and my aunt's wedding(church and THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!).

the new bb curve in purple! my mom found this outside the hotel but its from verizon so there isn't a sim card slot sooooo we couldn't use it!:( Returned it instead. But whats the fun of finding a phone and returning it without exploring it? Haha guess what, i stumbled upon dirty text messages HAHA HILARIOUS.

our room was HUGE.(this photo doesn't do justice)

st james church, LA

dinner with the fam

the first time i got to see my 13 year old cousin, Cole! he's taller and bigger than me!

the newly weds! With my cousin and grandaunt on the left and right

this gay dude was so nice! haha he even said he liked my heels and showed me the ones he was wearing.(yes he went in heels)

my cousins, the flowergirls!

mom & i:)

"Have you met my boyfriend, Frank?" HAHA

uncle and grandaunt

the siblings

the couple

the bride and my mom

exchanging vows

newly weds!


the newly weds!

this lady had amazing hair



my mom boasting about how her red velvet cake was so solid, it didn't drop. well, it did the second after the photo was taken-_-

grandaunt and the kids

(i need to learn to rotate)

there were like, 2 pairs of gays, so cute

chinese restaurant waitress much?:(

haha the nice guy who was uh, mesmerized by my "beauty" (or the lack of it imo). he wanted to take a picture with me but was so afraid that my boyfriend would see it and get angry. Haha silas are you angry?;)

the biggest tabasco sauce bottle i've seen! (about the sae height as the glass)

the bride and i

they actually count the calories for you!

full albums on fb:


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[User Picture]From: runwaydolls
2010-04-02 12:15 am (UTC)
So very yummy!!!
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