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NY 5th Avenue

Collette Claire Miles♥♥♥
I love food. I know this sounds like a fat thing to say but i really love eating. I'm a soup monster, i can drink it everyday without getting sick of it. I love tomato and basil soup from soup spoon and tomato soup from say-bons, but i prefer the latter. Frozen yoghurt is the best thing in the world, apart from soup... and macaroons... and chocolate hazelnut ice cream... and chocolate... and cupcakes.
Enough about food. I'm a shopaholic(ok wait who isn't)
I love Gemma Ward, Audrey Hepburn and Alexis Bledel; Chad Michael Murray, Channing Tatum and Chace Crawford. Chace Crawford is godsent i swear.
I've never mentioned this but my favourite show is really The Nanny on hallmark channel. And and i think everyone should watch Mermaid on hallmark channel.(I've got something for cute little caucasian girls who address themselves by their own names, if you get what i mean...)
This is getting wordy.
PS: I'm nice and i don't bite:)